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Hello, I'm Teresa. My design journey started in my grandfather's tailoring business in San Francisco, where the captivating world of patterns caught my attention at a young age. This sparked a deep passion for design—a language that allows me to fully express myself.

I've cultivated that passion through studying Industrial Design at San Francisco State University, Packaging Design at Chung Yuan University in Taiwan, gaining commercial experience through the whole production and design lifecycle, creating packaging for the food industry, and designing patterns for a wide variety of products appearing in global retailers and high-end boutiques.

Creating commercial designs that come to life as physical products is where my heart lies. I enjoy the art of transforming imaginative patterns into reality, collaborating with fantastic brands to make unique visions tangible. Stepping into my studio each day is a moment of connection with inspiration, resulting in designs that add a touch of joy to people's lives.

I'm excited about the potential of working together. Feel free to reach out for discussions on rates and my availability:

Phone: 415.596.2939

Let's bring your vision to life in a way that feels authentic and extraordinary!